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  • Uploaded Feb 17, 05:46 AM

    少年 -【KAITOV3オリジナル曲】音牢の幻盤師【プロトver】 1:37




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  • Uploaded Sep 16, 04:50 AM

    少年 -【カバーアレンジ】STEP TO YOU(PV version) 歌ってみた 5:00

    【カバーアレンジ】STEP TO YOU(PV version) 歌ってみた

    春だねっ!40mPさんの超爽やか本家 sm6166936ご本人降臨超爽やかPV sm14600719▼超素敵Arrange&MIX:Spica(!/s_p_i_c_a)▼エンコード:7@(user...

    xD XD <3 Such a beautiful video~ it'd be nice to know japanese ;-; girl is running!

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  • Uploaded Aug 02, 03:00 AM

    少年 -[GUMI] Wind-Up God [Original · PV] 3:45

    [GUMI] Wind-Up God [Original · PV]

    I'm kemu. "The boy was too innocent" Song:GUMI Piture:ハツ子(mylist/17864616) twitter→typeh2 Video:ke-sanβ(mylist/14639164/co171193) twitter→keisanbet...

    Espanish o3o Kemu >< owo o3o I love you Kemu (>w<)/ グミすごいです goosebumps Mika-chan <3 WWWWOOOOOOOOPPPPP Dayyyyuuu...

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  • Uploaded Sep 27, 04:24 AM

    少年 -【GUMI(40mP)】The Boy and The Magical Robot (Album Edit Ver.) 【Original PV】 5:06

    【GUMI(40mP)】The Boy and The Magical Robot (Album Edit Ve...

    Even though it was a slightly awkward sounding voice...Vocal:GUMIMusic:40mP(mylist/7975931)Movie:たま(mylist/8994160)Piano:事務員G(mylist/3971593)G...

    88888888888888888888 crying 88888888888888888888 40mp Rocks!!! gumi ...

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  • Uploaded Jul 21, 01:01 AM

    少年 -【IA】Children Record【Original PV】 3:04

    【IA】Children Record【Original PV】

    It's ShizennotekiP a.k.a. Jin. This will be the Kagerou Project opening theme. Story of children who face forward. "The boys and girls are feverish. Here th...

    OMG Konoha is Kuroha!!!!1BRBRBRBRB asdasdasdasd Yeah !! I LOVE THIS SONG ! kidooooooooooooooooo konohaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Shintaro...

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  • Uploaded Apr 08, 04:02 AM

    少年 -【Singing in such an atmosphere】Invisible【Glutamine】 3:38

    【Singing in such an atmosphere】Invisible【Glutamine】

    Vol. 20!! Gentle-hearted boy becomes invisible. Great original song by kemu⇒sm16474954 Encode: mallory⇒mylist/9640252 Entry of Glutamine's Tour⇒mylist/127329...

    I LOVE HIM <3 <3 subtitles;;;; r u ready ppl- Glutamine so cool!! YEAAAAAH!! RUNPAPAH BABABABABANZAI Lyrics from: vocaloidlyr...

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  • Uploaded Dec 26, 02:25 AM

    少年 -【Singing in such an atmosphere】Panda Hero【Glutamine】 3:46

    【Singing in such an atmosphere】Panda Hero【Glutamine】

    Vol. 19!! Gentle-hearted boy says: "Hey! Isono! Let's have a game on baseball!" Wonderful song by ハチ⇒sm13386216 Encode mallory⇒mylist/9640252 Entry of ...

    I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU .................... HEY HEY HEY PAPAPAPA Y da duck .-. parapapparapprpp donkey? PRUSSIA IS GONNA SEIZE G...

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  • Uploaded Mar 01, 03:00 AM

    少年 -【Tried Singing in Such an Atmosphere】Yi Er Fanclub【Glutamine】 3:58

    【Tried Singing in Such an Atmosphere】Yi Er Fanclub【Glutam...

    The 25th hit!! "Ni Hao!!!!!" from this kind-hearted boy! The wonderful original song ⇒ Yi Er Fanclub (Lyrics&Music: Mikito-P) Encode: mallory ⇒ mylist...

    HAI HAI CHINA!!! :D GLUTAMINE-SAMA, I love you!!! <3 88888888888888888888

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  • Uploaded Mar 12, 04:00 AM

    少年 -【Sang it with such atmosphere】Knife【Glutamine】 4:26

    【Sang it with such atmosphere】Knife【Glutamine】

    第29弾!!ココロ優しい少年はまだまだ少年だ。素晴らしい原曲様⇒ナイフ(by パワーコードP様)Illustration:RAHWIA様(mylist/21533864)Movie:Not-116様(mylist/24089...

    GLUTAMINE!!! D: Toki :3 \(>3<)/ <3 im gonna cry if this doesnt get translated <3 LOVE YOUUUUUU favorite part <333 I love this...

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  • Uploaded Oct 28, 05:00 AM

    少年 -【Tried to sing with such an atmosphere】Thousand Cherry Blossoms【Glutamine】 4:04

    【Tried to sing with such an atmosphere】Thousand Cherry Blo...

    17th hit! The kind-hearted boy's birthplace is Japan. KurousaP-sama's wonderful original song→sm15630734 Encoding: mallory-sama→mylist/9640252 Glutam...

    Nipon nipon nipon!! Senbonzakura!!! shounen shoju a<3 KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA <3 :D Shoujo Shounen Nipon Nipon! BEST PART <3 OO...

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  • Uploaded Oct 13, 04:00 AM

    少年 -[Sang it] A tale of six trillion years and one night [Glutamine] 3:40

    [Sang it] A tale of six trillion years and one night [Glutam...

    The 23rd hit!! The kind hearted boy was loathed by all of humanity, he was said to be a child of the demons and constantly endured torture. But even so, ...

    GURU SAMAAAAAA ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 88888888888 he lp WWWHHHOOOOAAAAAAAAAA

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  • Uploaded Sep 28, 04:01 AM

    少年 -【Tried Singing in Such an Atmosphere】The Boy of Defeat【Glutamine】 3:58

    【Tried Singing in Such an Atmosphere】The Boy of Defeat【Gl...

    第27弾!!敗北のココロ優しい少年はどれだけ這いつくばっても前に進む。ほんの少しだろうが前に進む。そして敗北の理由を知る。素晴らしい原曲様⇒敗北の少年(by KEM...

    88888888888888888888 OMGGGG <3 3 Guru-tan ~ >w< I love his english <3 ...

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  • Uploaded Jun 28, 03:00 AM

    少年 -[Sang in FULL] Guren no Yumiya - Shingeki no Kyojin [Alphakyun.] 5:11

    [Sang in FULL] Guren no Yumiya - Shingeki no Kyojin [Alphaky...

    《進撃の巨人!ガチフル音源作ってもらって、歌ってみた!!!!》ども(´- `☆)あるふぁきゅんです。友達が超絶イケメン音源作ってくれたから歌ってみたb(進撃のじゅん...

    UND WIN SIND JAEGARRR XD Un wind sind Jaeger yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa greeeeeeeeeeeeeen kill kill mikaaaaaaaaaaaa...

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  • Uploaded Mar 04, 02:53 AM

    少年 -2013 Hit Vocaloid Song Mashup 4:22

    2013 Hit Vocaloid Song Mashup

    I selected 31 songs uploaded last year and put them in a mash up. Outer Science, Common Heroes, Isshoku Sokuhatsu Zen Girl, Electric Saturator, Otsukimi Re...

    YAS YAS YAS THIS IS GREAT oMG it's so good this is the best part magical girl eudaemonics!!!! yesss 88888888888888888888

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  • Uploaded Oct 28, 03:22 AM

    少年 -GUMI MV「Donut Hole」 3:30

    GUMI MV「Donut Hole」

    Hello、Hachi here。I made this after a long time。I aimed at Shonen Manga boy。MOVIE & MUSIC:ハチ (Hachi) Guitar: ハチ (Hachi) Bass: Yu Suto (https://twi...

    4 3 2 1 aaaaaaaaaaaaaa a aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa Gumi hermosa preciosa :c gumi!! HACHI HOLY HACHI DU...

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  • Uploaded Aug 13, 04:01 AM

    少年 -六兆年と一夜物語 歌ってみた【鹿乃】 3:38

    六兆年と一夜物語 歌ってみた【鹿乃】

    鹿乃の歌ってみた/sm18738436← new「少年は人間になりたかった」kemuさんの本家動画様/sm17520775mix by ●テラピコス【mylist/31091499】@terapicosillust by 水玉子【h...

    I love her voice! love I'm in love. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww *-----* 鹿乃我的嫁~~~ 0w0 Amazing...

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  • Uploaded Dec 08, 05:20 AM

    少年 -ポケモンが超エキサイティングな3Dアクションゲームになってる件 5:39


    あの人気ゲームに早くもサイティン作が発表! 新たなる冒険の舞台はツクダオリジナルから。──【宣伝】「バトルドーム」でタグ検索すると 超!エキサイティン!! なMADが沢山ある...

    .-. Um what is this? 아이테니고루데슛!1! 배트루돔!!! 병신 씨발 bgm雕堡了... 太屌... 한국인이많구...

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  • Uploaded Nov 25, 12:00 AM

    少年 -☪『Abstract Nonsense』 Arrange ver.  I tried singing. by Amatsuki 4:05

    ☪『Abstract Nonsense』 Arrange ver. I tried singing. by Ama...

    「Goodbye. Greetings, me。」I sung Neru's「Abstract Nonsense」included on the「endless resist」Original:sm14375135※ I'll change the MIX & Mastering and CD v...

    oh my god .... your voice kakoii oh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VIOLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Let me take Your vocal cords <3 888888...

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  • Uploaded Dec 07, 03:05 AM

    少年 -Tried Singing【I Don’t Care Who, Somebody Go Out With Me!】ver. Gero 1:09

    Tried Singing【I Don’t Care Who, Somebody Go Out With Me!】v...

    Hello, it's Gero. (・`ェ´・) Respectfully, this time I sing "I Don't Care Who, Somebody Go Out With Me!" by Takkyuu Shounen. (・`ェ´・) ※On the whole, I'm sorry...

    xDXDXDDD all these feelings wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww >v< ///// WANNA GO OU...

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  • Uploaded Jul 25, 03:24 PM

    少年 -【Kamui Gakupo】 Madness of Duke Venomania【Original Medieval Narrative】 4:38

    【Kamui Gakupo】 Madness of Duke Venomania【Original Medieva...

    「Let's dance in this harem」 ◆100,000 views, thank you! ◆Story of the person who drowned in lust。 ◆Album「EVILS FOREST」track→ http://the-heavenly-yard....

    FUUUUCK ME GAKUUUPOOOOO I always mistake Yufina as an Yuki character (Sorry if i spelled wrong) No, he wanted Yufina This is ...

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  • Uploaded Mar 24, 01:10 AM

    少年 -【APヘタリアMMD】低燃費少年アメリ 3:09



    Germany's voice U.u ...... lmao wtf Prussia lol America What the....Prussia? XD Prussia XD OH MY--- *DYING LAUGHING*

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  • Uploaded May 21, 03:00 AM

    少年 -【Itou Kashitarou】Boy of defeat【Sang it】 3:47

    【Itou Kashitarou】Boy of defeat【Sang it】

    Hello, I am Itou Kashitarou. This time round, I am happy to sing Kemu-san's boy of defeat!Original→sm20797677■Lyrics, tune/kemu(mylist/28584850)■MIX たると...

    good kashi-san~ i love you as always RRLY HIS VOICE SO GENTLE Repeat: day 4 <3 Love the art and his voice kyyaaaaaa~ Repeat: ...

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  • Uploaded Mar 19, 04:20 AM

    少年 -【Glutamine × Yuuyu】Rolling Survivor【Original PV】 4:06

    【Glutamine × Yuuyu】Rolling Survivor【Original PV】

    *Boy-friendly 30th edition! Mind is roughly par or goo. Song・Writing: Yūyu-sama(mylist/3321893) Movie:△○□×-sama(mylist/25806743) Glutamine tour entrance⇒m...

    'pleace introduce creepy akward fangirling sound here' kawaii desu ne!! :3 x3 <3 <3 this 88888888888888888888 88...

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  • Uploaded Apr 13, 05:54 AM

    少年 -Your Highness ☆ My Princess 歌ってみた【sweets☆】 4:32

    Your Highness ☆ My Princess 歌ってみた【sweets☆】

    I'm ShounenT☆ I'm Soraru ☆ I'm Kony☆ I'm Shamuon ☆ We four are ☆ sweets。グヘヘ ぱんたんず様のユアハイネス☆マイプリンセスを歌わせていただきました。 Origina...

    daat beat SORARUUUUUU AMOUR ET CHOCOLAT <3 SORARU OMG GYAAAAAAAAAHHHH sooooo lol hot omgomgomgomgomgomgom ...

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  • Uploaded May 06, 06:38 AM

    少年 -【GUMI】Boy of Defeat【Original】 3:47

    【GUMI】Boy of Defeat【Original】

    「The boy had missed out on becoming a god.」by KEMU VOXX

    the subtitles are too small goddamn great song! Just crawl the earth If there is a meaning In such a night I do not palms mag...

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  • Uploaded Oct 10, 03:13 AM

    少年 -【Hatsune Miku V3】The Amazing Journey of a Lost Child【Original Song】 5:52

    【Hatsune Miku V3】The Amazing Journey of a Lost Child【Orig...


    Cute!! No!!! Dragon!! I love it! Great song! すげーすげー!!!

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  • Uploaded Mar 19, 04:00 AM

    少年 -[GUMI] Lethargic Coup d'Etat [Original] 3:57

    [GUMI] Lethargic Coup d'Etat [Original]

    Mikagura School Suite "Drama Club" Akama Tour It's Last Note. I'm alive today, somehow. ■The boy is in the Akama Tour Act, starting towards the past. Frien...

    I LOVE MIKAGURA SCHOOL SUITE So cool! gOD HE'S NOT THE SAME AS KANO It's Kagepro's Kano It's the decieveeeeee It's the copy o...

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  • Uploaded Oct 27, 06:30 AM

    少年 -暴食空母アカギセブン 1:31



    Dafuq xD dat mouth xD HAHAHAHHAHAHA PFFT LOL normal day in japan AHAHHAHAHA *poker face* wtf lol Japan out-memes us bakagaiji...

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  • Uploaded Nov 22, 03:00 AM

    少年 -【いえねこ】 ねこみみスイッチ 【踊ってみた】 3:58

    【いえねこ】 ねこみみスイッチ 【踊ってみた】

    いえねこと申します ずっと踊りたかったdaniwellP様の「ねこみみスイッチ」を踊ってみました!アグーさんリスペクトでメイド服+猫耳精一杯のあざとさを搾り出したようで...

    Nyan~ anata wa kawaii desu yo ~~~Nyan Kawaii~Nyan~ かわいいいい~~x3 Фрактальныймишкаслев

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  • Uploaded Apr 09, 09:53 AM

    少年 -【IA】少年ブレイヴ【PV】 4:47



    Wat ? Shounen brave!! ooooooooooo we finally got it here! so good ! :D its finally in

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  • Uploaded Jun 18, 04:01 AM

    少年 -Deep Sea Girl - Sang koma'n_piano.ver- [nero×Yuu十] 4:57

    Deep Sea Girl - Sang koma'n_piano.ver- [nero×Yuu十]


    aaaaaaaaaaa stop giving me goosebumps srsly u guys goosebumps yo i love you so much both of you omfg yuuto san neroとゆう...

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  • Uploaded Mar 07, 07:00 PM

    少年 -【Mafumafu】Yankee Boy・Yankee Girl @I tried to sing 3:15

    【Mafumafu】Yankee Boy・Yankee Girl @I tried to sing

    お久しぶりです、まふまふです。トーマさんの新作を歌わせていただきました。■本家様 [sm20252366]〇まふまふ [mylist/22993832] [co1089826] Twitter [uni_mafumafu]...

    THERE YOU GO MAFU MAFU I WANTED THE HIGH PITCH Here you are! I waited for it :3 myaaaaaaaaaa yankee boy, yankee girl~ MAFUMAF...

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いちろ少年忌憚とは、ねこふろしきによるフリーゲームである。 概要 高校を舞台とする探索型ホラーアドベンチャーゲーム。コンテストパーク銅賞受賞作品。 こっくりさんが趣味の高校生「佐々木いちろ」が八十上学...


少年とは、人間の子供のうち、少女では無い方を指す。一般的に7~8歳前後から17歳前後までの成年に達しない男子のことを指すことが多い。曖昧さ回避黒夢の楽曲名 福山雅治の楽曲名 宇都宮隆の楽曲名 少年(格...


少年Tとは少年智久の事であり、ニコニコ動画の歌ってみたで活動している男性歌い手である 。現在はメジャーデビューし、佐香智久として活動している。別名義として、以下の3つが挙げられる。・Tomohisa(...





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