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Official 08/01, 02:30-08/01, 04:30

Live Now! Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary Event -Now the adventure evolves!-

Don't miss live coverage of the Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary Special Event!

Official 08/01, 23:00-08/02, 01:00

Japan World Karaoke Grand Prix Cosplay 2

Watch cosplayers sing karaoke challenges through the DAM karaoke system!

Official 08/02, 01:30-08/02, 05:00

World Cosplay Summit Championships Live Stream

Who will be crowned the world grandmaster of cosplay? Watch to find out!

Live User Broadcasts

Community 08/01, 02:00-

Live Now! [カービィDX]誇り高き異星人はカスリ傷一つさえ恥

おまえら地球人に異星人の意地を見せてやるよ *少しでもダメージを負ったら即自害 *100%コンプ...

Community 08/01, 02:20-

Live Now! 【でび侍】RssFeedを生成するプログラムを作る3


Community 08/01, 02:23-

Live Now! 山は生きている

Community 08/01, 18:00-

ファイアーエムブレム 聖戦の系譜 初見プレイ パート③


✦♫・✦*。♫・*✦。♫ Gumi Greats✦♫・✦*。♫・*✦。♫

[GUMI Original song] Requiem [VOCALOID3]
[GUMI Original song] Requiem [VOCALOID3]

"And the young girl regained a fragment of her lost memory..." A Gumi song that pulls a...

[GUMI] Song of the Blessed [Original]
[GUMI] Song of the Blessed [Original]

Gumi's heart soothing sound will make you realize that good comes with all the bad!

[GUMI] Plastic [Original]
[GUMI] Plastic [Original]

Gumi's clear voice will entrance you with this poppy song!

【GUMI】May Day!【Original】
【GUMI】May Day!【Original】

A cool rock number with vocals screamed by the one and only Gumi!

[GUMI] Coffee and Creamer [Original]
[GUMI] Coffee and Creamer [Original]

Can't love take any form as long as both sides are happy?


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