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Translated 【Sang it】Justitia of Life【kradness】

I get chills watching this. Kradness is so awesome!! xD

【Kagamine Len】NARAZUMONO【Original MV/WanOpo】

The animation in this song is so cute! :)

【MIKU・RIN・LUKA】WASSHOI~The best carnival that we think~

Washoi Washoi! Lol. This song is cute and catchy.

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Community 10/13, 00:01-

Live Now! うさねの部屋 SA枠 ||ヽ(*・∀・*)ノミ|Ю こんにちわぁー

へたっぴ☆☆☆☆☆サンがSAやっていっきまーす*:.。☆..。.(ゝ艸・○) SAキャラ名:ヾ(・x・[うさね で活動中です ...

Community 10/16, 16:00-

【SS】ルナ~シルバースターストーリー~初見プレイ 8月(ルナ)目

月月月月月月月月月月月月月月月月月月月Wishing on a dream that seems far off, hoping it will come ...


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