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3Minutes Omurice

I wish this person would cook for me. :)

Translated [Hatsune Miku] 1 year {Original PV]

This vid is pretty unique. Watch out for the hands though. haha

Translated 【on my birthday】Kokoronashi Sang it ver.Sou【Original PV】

This so is so GUUUUdd. I can't stop listening to it! wwww

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Community 10/10, 02:59-

Live Now! 外国人とスパイダーマンとマスク美人と見えないghost (本社)

Mikel is live broadcasting. スカイプID:Mikel123q5   TwitchID:Mikel123q5

Community 10/16, 16:00-

【SS】ルナ~シルバースターストーリー~初見プレイ 8月(ルナ)目

月月月月月月月月月月月月月月月月月月月Wishing on a dream that seems far off, hoping it will come ...

Community 10/10, 17:00-

「超高難度ミッション&トロフィー回収」SAO Re:ーHF-USA(PS4)「Part146~」※オフorオンライン



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