To love le - TORABURU - Darkness Ep. 1 "Continue"

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※Only Ep. 1 free, until 2014/Sep/30th. From 2014/Oct/1st, you need to pay.
From Ep. 2nd, you need to pay.

Since Ms Momo and Ms Nana start staying with Mr Rito, The ordinaly life of Rito has get many troubles. When Rito get up, Momo also be in bed like that, there is no rest for Rito.
One day, Momo and Nana decide to enter SAINAN(like disastar) high school which another people already enter. Not telling Rara.
Momo get popular among boys soon. Nana feel bad. Then, Nana find a girl with a braid hanging down her back standing by a window....

In japanese dexcription ”動画の一覧はこちら” is the link of the video list.
”第2話”is the link for Ep. 2.
"動画" means "video". "有料" means "Pay".

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