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It's merry, merry Halloween! I'll go to your town as well and dye it in Halloween colours.

Machigerita: "Nice to meet you! *chew, chew* ...I'm Machigerita!"
Tawashi: "I'm Tawashi! *chew, chew* It's been 2 days since publishing my previous work, huh... *chew, chew*"
Hatsune: "What are you eating?"
Kagamine twins: "*chew, chew*"
Machigerita: "Oi, don't you screw around with me! These are MY cookies!! Give them back!!"
Meiko: "Oh my, look, Machige-kun, there's some chocolate near your mouth."
Luka: "Both Rin-chan and Len-kun, quit doing such things, all right?"
Kaito & Gakupo: "Even though the two of us did our best with the singing, we didn't get anything as a reward..."
Tawashi: "I'm really concerned about these kids' future..."

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