Weekly Niconico Utattemita Ranking #521 [October Week 5]

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:Ranking Period:October 22 05:00 AM to October 29, 05:00 AM
:Calculation Method: View Count Comment Count × (Ratio of View Count Mylist Count to Points Total) Mylist Adds × 50
;Mylist Points are capped at 2 times the View Count
:Ranking Subject:
1.Total→ Videos included in the official ranking RSS feed with "Utattemita" ("Sang_It") tag during calculation
2.New Arrivals→ Videos uploaded within the ranking period and tagged with "Utattemita" ("Sang_It") during calculation but did not get into top 30 of the total
:For the ranked in video links please refer to Nicopedia of this video
:Ranking archive: mylist/9458558
■blog https://japanml.sakura.ne.jp/weekly_utaran/
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