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Hello there,
It's me, スパイダーっちょ(Spiderccho)
This is my 9th song released in the name of スパイダーとmilano (Spider and milano)

Put them into one sandwich and kill it.

■Vocals: Megurine Luka V4X

■Music, lyrics, video & bass: スパイダーっちょ(Spiderccho)
mylist/39378974 Twitter: @dama66666
■Illust(only Luka): itsme(いつみ)
Twitter: @itsme0303

■Instrumental: (SoundCloud)

This song is included on the compilation album:
[Megurine Luka Comp - QUEEN -] XFD: sm31972557
which is producted by a meetup "Aohige kaizoku dan"
You can buy it here:
"Buy smart Japan"( helps you.
For more information call @aohige61 on Twitter.

My works: mylist/39378974
The latest work: "Shikai e Ikoh"(Let's Go To The Dead Sea) sm31429205

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