【Minecraft】Guerilla Craft -Will put my stronghold here surrounded with a trench and many landmines.- #5

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I played Minecraft-1.6.2 with GuerrillaVsCommandmob and several other mods (see below for full list).
You must take care at night because your house will be easy to be destroyed or blown off by enemies' RPG7, tank cannon or another explosive materials when you install GuerrillaVsCommandmob mod.
You should know the risk you may be killed instantly by such enemies in respawnpoint after you lose your house.
Every time this mod updated, diffuculty increases, now it becomes real hard to survive.

my goals: ①To kill Ender-dragon ②To create and build something (③I don't decide yet. so, I'll add some goals when I hit upon a good idea)

Introduced mods: OptiFine、ShadersMod、CameraStudio、PlayerFormLittleMaid、CraftGuide、GuerrillaVsCommandmob、GuerrillaVsCommandGuns、MoreExplosives
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