【Hatsune Miku】Rain of Cherry Blossom Petals【Original Song】

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● If a 16-year-old girl Hatsune Miku lives today, what does she think and sing
  on her last school day? This song was born from the thought.

● Chorus Score (合唱楽譜):  http://sakuranoa.me
● Karaoke (off-vocal): http://piapro.jp/t/vgW1
  5th anniversary karaoke: http://bit.ly/VFg8YY

Graduation season is coming soon. Do you have anything to regret?
Live for each "moment" which never returns!

[Feb 20, 2013] This song was introduced in "No. 1 Songs SHOW" (1番ソングSHOW)!
[Feb 23, 2014] 6th anniversary! Congratulations to the graduates in FY 2013!
[Mar 24, 2014] The【novel】of "桜ノ雨" has finally finished! watch/1394707657

● Music and Lyrics: halyosy(mylist/5021302)@halyosy
● Cooperation in English Lyrics Part: iso & his friends
● Video Cooperation: that

・Kagamine Len "Fire◎Flower" sm4153727

[ From the Translator ]
The translated name of this song (桜ノ雨) is also known as "Sakura Rain".
Sakura means cherry blossoms, cherry blossom trees, or cherry blossom petals.
Cherry blossoms fall in petals like rain, so I added "petals" and changed the title
to full translation.

Hatsune Miku is portrayed to be a 16-year-old girl.

An academic year is from April to March which is the same as fiscal year in Japan.
Cherry blossoms open in many areas around graduation season.

"No. 1 Songs SHOW" is a TV program.

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