[Hatsune Miku] Weekly Miku-Miku Ranking #287

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* This is an April Fools joke

... do you understand?

The "Weekly VOCALOID Ranking" has reverted to its previous name, the "Weekly Miku-Miku Ranking".
Please feel free to use the name "Mikuran" for short(のヮの)

○ Ranking Period
 March 25, 2013 5AM ~ April 1 5AM
○ Ranking Subject
 [Category total] each 1000 points, [VOCALOID] [Music] [Played it] each 100 points.
 * Please see the description in the video for rule details.
○ Ranking Fomula(Community)
 Play count + (Comment Count * Correction Value A)+(MyList additions * Correction Value B)
 except MyList points are limited to (Play count * 5)
  (Correction value A: Ratio of Play count + MyList adds rate to points total)
  (Correction value B: MyList rate * 2)

PL:Closed Last 5 weeks: mylist/9352163

Weekly #286/228: sm20436138 Normal video→Weekly #287/229: sm20497848

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