7th MMD Cup Finalist/Winner - Touhou's Alice & Marisa Dance to "Sweet Magic"

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To all admins, viewers, ad sponsors, Junky and Lon who made the song,
those who commented and added this video to their mylists.
Saccha who choreographed this and Kozue Aikawa-san who danced to this,
the model creators Nigamon, Shiera, and Nakao,
Pilo who thought out the camera and direction...

Thank you so much.

HD version ⇒ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G07coU1GnYc
Bonus ⇒ sm15504628
Original song (sm14044008) written by Lon and Junky, choreographed by Saccha (sm14273747).
Referenced to Kozue Aikawa: sm14824445

Models:Are back up!! http://ux.getuploader.com/super_sierra/download/16/AliceV034X.zip
(Password: The time and month I posted this (In numbers only))
⇒ NOTE: You may have to put your language settings to "Japan" to get the password.

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