【Hatsune Miku】 A true masochist 【Original song and PV】

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It's me, Buriru. I made a supreme love song. SM is love, right? Just kidding.

◆Lyrics, composition & arrangement: Buriru -- mylist/5054135 ◆Twitter: twitter.com/buriru ◆Community: co530726
◆Video: Riotto "I'm also super masochistic."

12th of June, at Vomas 16 (D-19), I'm going to start distributing my single - "A true masochist".

I uploaded the mp3 file and off-vocal version on Piapro. By the way, the uploader's a sadist, definitely a sadist.
I uploaded a video "True sadist news"⇒ sm19196630
The karaoke's being distributed at JOYSOUND DAM!

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