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Hey, Gogatsubyo Mario here.
Matroska is just awesome so I decided to draw it.
This just might be my first normal "Drew_it" video!
I uploaded the original imagines here →im879605

Videos that influenced me
【Original Music PV】Matryoshka 【Hatsune Miku・GUMI】:sm11809611
【Botou】 Danced to Matryoshka 【And Botou】:sm12784522

I'm going to post this to the User Page, so you can check our my My List and such here: user/228534
My community that does live shows: co22256
Twitter: https://twitter.com/5mario
I drew "Butabotto" on Niconico Seiga: sg10942
MicroMagazine used my work -: http://akazukinchan.net/

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