Please Tell Me! Galko-chan - Episode 7 "Is It True About the Boy at the Pool?"

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Galko, Otako, and Ojou are at the water park.
Otako hands Galko a razor believing that her armpit hair is shaggy because she forgot to shave them.
Galko angrily says she never lets them get shaggy and shows them her smooth armpits.

You can check out the original comic here!
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見た目はどこからどう見ても金髪ギャルで遊んでそうに見えるけれど、実は純情な女の子。 そんなギャルな外見と素直で優しい内面のギャップが可愛らしいギャル子を中心に、 眼鏡で背の小さなオタ子、おっとり天真爛漫なお嬢の三人が、 いろんな場所でガールズトークを繰り広げる日常コメディ!