Fattoshite Tougenkyou (Theme Song of Te-kyu Fourth Season) - PV

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In Q2 2015, Te-kyu fourth season was broadcast. Kanae Shinjo sings the theme song of this season. She is flat-chested, and is the funniest person in te-kyu club. In this PV, she gets into the rhythm of the music, and strikes a pose of Yasha No Kamae.

About The CD
Title: Fattoshite Tougenkyou
Vocal: Kanae Shinjo (voiced by Suzuko Mimori)
Lyricist: Yashikin
Composer: Yashikin
Arranger: Yashikin
Release date: May 27, 2015
Catalog Number: ESER-018
Price: 1300 JPY excluding tax
CD Track List*
#1 Fattoshite Tougenkyou
#2 Fattoshite Tougenkyou (Metalcore version arranged by eba)
#3 Fattoshite Tougenkyou (Instrumental)
*At the time of translating, Japanese description says that #2 is the Instrumental and #3 is the Metalcore version. However, that is wrong. The order of #2 and #3 is swapped.

Additional Information:
This CD is azB00VQRVU14 .
Some people call Yashikin "Accel P". His user page is user/1881021 .
Te-kyu episodes 37-48 are the fourth season. Niconico Channel of it is ch2606543 .

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