Te-kyu Ep.37: "Men in Black" with senpais

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Tomalin is an extraterrestrial girl. She lives in Marimo's house. One day, Marimo forgot to bring her lunch box, so Tomalin delivered it. She asked members of te-kyu club to guide Kameido high school, but something became strange there.
Official site: http://te-kyu.com/
CD of the theme song: azB00VQRVU14
CD of Qunka!*: azB00VRAAP8O
BD of the fourth season: azB00VPHB1GY
You can read the original manga on web: http://comic-earthstar.jp/
*The theme song of the fifth season.

Additional Information:
Episodes 37-48 are the fourth season. Niconico Channel of it is ch2606543

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早口過ぎてついていけない超高速ギャグアニメ「てーきゅう」が帰ってきた! 2015年春より待望の第4期がスタート! 亀井戸高校テニス部の普通じゃない女の子4人の抱腹絶倒の日常を描く。 アホな先輩たちに振り回されるうちにツッコミっぽい立場になった後輩の「押本ユリ」、 テニス部なのにテニスがほとんどできないボケマシーン2年生の「新庄かなえ」、...