【Aikawa Kozue】"Mushibugyo" Character Song "Haruurara・Momorarura"【Danced it】

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Aikawa Kozue【Danced】to the character (Oharu, character voice: AKESAKA Satomi) song "Haruurara・Momorarura" produced by samfree, of a TV animation program "Mushibugyo" with the cosplay.
Kozukozu's cosplays of Oharu and Hibachi are too cute!
Official website of TV animation program Mushibugyo is: http://mushibugyo.jp/

[ Commentary from the Translator ]
This video is planned for a TV animation program "Mushibugyo" (ムシブギョー). It is originally a manga and made into a TV program.
The song name is Haruurara Mororarura (ハルウララ・モモラルラ).
 "samfree" is the composer of Luka Luka★Night Fever.
Oharu (お春) is a girl character in a teahouse in Mushibugyo.
Kozue dances with Oharu's costume in this video. Hibachi's costume is on another video (watch/1368437573).
Kozue tweeted, "I choreographed and danced it."

The official website (http://mushibugyo.jp/) is in Japanese. Oharu is in purple hair and pink kimono on the top page.
In Japanese (日本語) mode on this page, link to the first 15 pages in some volumes of the original manga is shown as "原作が読める".

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