Unknown sound ボカロ renal ban "Mulhouse - Komi + plus" (P natural enemies)

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You were raised during the live broadcast on the official "official formulation ~ Komi + Plus"! Ban was on the air in the "Formulation ~ Komi + plus", 2013's "(P natural enemies) Jin" ボカロ P, popularity is unreleased. Because they do not teach you ボカロ use, or who are singing, the person who hit me, I will provide a gift! Deadline is: (00 AM1, 16 January) 25:00, January 15! 10 000 yen to the fastest correct answer will receive a CD of rakugo Otaku to others! The correct answer, please send e-mail to mc@allnightnippon.com! "ボカロ" in the subject line, the body, please write the real name, age, address, telephone number! Please let me make it up to apply for one alone! In addition, the relationship between the various parts of taking OK, live in, chief director to edit and personality have uploaded. content is the same as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1d5rX74C5bo!

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アナウンサー吉田尚記のポータルです。 あまりにいろいろなことをやらせていただいているので、 発信の場所を一箇所にまとめさせていただきたいな、 と思って、開設させていただきました。

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