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【A new beginning and the end】I sang, Rolling Girl【Akiakane】


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Video Description:

▽おはこんにちばんは。Today, Akiakane has graduated from high school. And congratulations to the other people graduating this year!
▼I think I will try to take a step forward onto a new road starting tomorrow.
▽People who helped make my work, all my family members, friends, and acquaintances, please watch this video all the time. I am very grateful!

Original Song:Rolling Girl(sm9714351)Thank you for a wonderful song!
Video Editing:yama_ko(mylist/6586851
Thank you very much helping me! I feel I owe you a great deal.

PV:(sm9989443)I sang and simultaneously published the PV graduation.

If you're able to enjoy whatever you want, I'm happy.

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