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【Megurine Luka Original Song】Mis-Delivered Love Letter【Misprint Alliance】


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Video Description:

Music: Ann-Melts P (mylist/4036533)
Video: Namagoroshi-P (mylist/5036280)

Luka: It’s my birthday today! Let’s celebrate!
P: Um, Luka, you’re birthday has long been over…
Luka: Σ(゚Д゚)

■ This is a poprock song, and my second song dedicated to Luka’s birthday (albeit late). Klutzy Luka is JUSTICE!
■ The lyrics are written by Darari. Thank you so much! → http://piapro.jp/content/nkrvlqxmx34kjp8c
■ mp3 and karaoke versions are available on Piapro → http://piapro.jp/content/yw1oz2tvqq1x2i99
■Misprint Alliance #1: Tomoe → sm6991834

■This song is in karaoke delivery at JOYSOUND!

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