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Time Lapse Animation「6566/6566」【Bad Apple!! PV【Shadowgraph】Arrange】


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Video Description:

Hello, this is Upomo*. I tried to do a Time-Lapse Animation for the study of Photography
I did not drew the pictures,
【東方】Bad Apple!! PV【影絵】→sm8628149
was the video I used.

The still images' (640x480) trimming are unmodified.
Only the Camera's Position / Lighting / Focus / Zoom / Exposure / Gain Adjustment were
changed. The camera used for this video was QCAM-200SX*.

The last image is [6565], but it started on [0000] so technically it is [6566].

Thank you for choosing this for the Video Awards 2010 Grand Prix.

A new Bad Apple!!PV【Shadowgraph】is uploaded→sm25798480

■Making: sm9560637
■My Videos: mylist/767941

■TL Notes:
*The うplord is just a portmanteau of the Japanese slang of Upload and the word lord. Sounds stupid, I know. I am kind of torn if I would leave it as うp主 or translate it. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure about this anymore... Nevermind. Just leave it as a romaji.

*If I were to guess, this is the Logicool Webcam Pro QCAM-200SX. (Google saves the day!)

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