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【Restricted TAP】3 Button Kirby's Dream Course part 1


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TASer: "To beat Kirby's Dream Course, isn't 3 buttons already enough?"   ......and so, this is a restricted TAP of all the courses in Kirby's Dream Course using only the three buttons: A(launching the ball, try hard button), B(using special powers), and Up(Toggling fly and ground shots). In this run, the aim of each shot is locked to the default direction, and powers such as the UFO, tornado, and parasol cannot be controlled. Using a TASer's powers, I will aim to get a medal on every course. About how the game decides the initial aim, it basically aims at the closest enemy. Why the aim changes between shots is due to this. part1(sm8351919) / Previous() / Next(sm8376234) / My List(mylist/14975483) Complete Edition part 1(sm9687828)

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