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Collection of 680,000¥ Luxury Dutch Wives* Part ①


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part②⇒(sm7697011)part③⇒(sm8830360)Video Description ⇒ A bit too realistic, some men are marrying these dutch wives, and buying daughters too, some have rid themselves entirely of real humans. These synthetic ones have 30 kilogram skeletons, with breasts and flesh reproduced in silicone. Male dolls are also available. One-off models can be cheap, beginning at around, 80,000¥, but there are also those with prices reaching 2,000,000¥. A mainstream price would be around 600,000¥ (`・ω・´).

* Translator's Note: "Dutch Wife" (spelled like "Dacchi Waifu", with Katakana) is a Japanese term/euphemism for a sex doll.

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