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I tried singing ✿ Romeo and Cinderella


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✿2 million views?! Thank you! I suppose the tsundere prince is glad too.

Jun 29, 2011 from DME
"Flower Drops" will be on sale in the name of YURiCa/Hanatan.
It includes re-recorded version of Romeo and Cinderella!

(✿◕ ▿ ◕ฺ) I received a request from my close friend. I have no choice but to sing it!
✿Cute and tsundere original song 【sm6666016】( ✿◨ฺㅂ◨ฺฺ)ノ【user/1050860
Please be as close to me as ever (*´▽`*)♩♪♫♬✿
I wrote (the URL of) modified version in mp3 format on My List. If you don't mind :)

[ Commentary from the Translator ]

Her name is Hanatan (花たん) when she uploads "Sang it" songs.
Her another name YURiCa (ユリカ) is for group music.

There is no corresponding English word for "tsundere".
A web page for explanation of "tsundere" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsundere

The red URL for her CD in the description is no longer valid.
The CD on Amazon is:
(The 6th song "ロミオとシンデレラ" is Romeo and Cinderella)

The URL for the modified mp3 version written on her My List (mylist/5227160) is:
(file name: romisin-hana-mix3.mp3)

English (with romaji as well as Japanese) lyrics are on sm16694551 and,

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ニコニコ市場 は動画に関連した商品を動画に登録できるサービスです。 ニコニコ市場の不適切な利用につきましては、こちらをご確認ください。 … ランキング Amazon.co.jp アソシエイト

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