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automatic mario 「kumikyoku niconico douga」


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(Sm3198603 ) In grateful really playing the number 790,000. My List (past work) ismylist / 4669104 , Suite Honke is (Sm500873 ) it is. 1,000,000 over by Te' Te' playback Memorial. →Sm4134087 (4/11 postscript) [11 people collaboration with] NicoNicoVideo meteor shower [automatic Mario sequencer] was completed. →Sm6713290 (6/2 postscript) Little Busters was completed →Sm7224272 (2010 12/29 postscript) Thank 1,000,000 Thanks playback. There is really a variety of things ranging from here, was a long way to go. Seen in people who have are about can not thank !! (2012 5/7 postscript) unawares 4 anniversary had passed ... the sequencer of the video is glad to have growth in a long time.

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