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I was not able to say that I love you or my regret
or the time that I was not able to take back
or my feeling of impatient with the distance between you and me
or the day when I was crying and crying until my eyes got swollen
everything I had forgotten before I noticed it

come to thing of forgetfulness
what was my last dinner... what was it ....?

for the present, I will do my best at MC of Danced it Festival tomorrow! (This is the most thing that I wanted to say)
We will enjoy it!☆ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Nice Original Song☆sm12050471
Nice Choreographers☆watch/1455786680
Filming&Editing☆moririn @moririn_25

Apricot* Various Things↓
My List:mylist/20193376
twitter ID:@ayame_apricot

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