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【GUMI・Miku】Happy Heroine Sniper【Original Song】


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Video Description:

Hello, we're Georgine-P and Tomodachi I, together we turned a fairytale dark.

「Happines」has nothing to do with the intentions of the person who receives it, and similarly, or possible leads to birth of further misfortune. The world is made up of this kind of algorhythm.
In other words, flawless happy endings such as the ones seen in fairytales begin with millions and millions of misfortunes, and that is what they're composed of.
Following this train of thought, it may so be that if you eliminatee a flawless happy ending, those millions and millions of misfortunes will vanish.
This is called「the Balancing of Happiness」, and so, 「The Go-Between of Happiness」loads their gun with bullets in order to carry out their duty.

Lyrics・music:Georgine (mylist/23461729)

mp3 & karaoke→http://piapro.jp/joruzin

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