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【MAYU】I Don't Wanna Know【Original MMD-PV】


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Video Description:

I Don't Wanna Know (๑'ᴗ'๑)

Included song and motion in the video,since both are made by myself,the theme is「W」。
Special thanks:もなか
Thanks for giving me the "fragment speech award" in the 16th MMD cup。
Thank you very much!

OffVocal version is here ⇒sm28273734
Instrumental version download is here ⇒nc129780

In 晋遊舎 san's「MikuMikuDance starter pack DX」,
already included MAYU's model.
I hope there will be more model for MAYU since she is cute///

黒猫ダーリン(sm25870948) → しりたくない → raindrop(sm28457219)
All songs→mylist/45632815

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