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Dreaming of Valentines Brain Revolution Girl Sang it ver Sakata&Urata&Shijin


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Video Description:

Shijin「It doesn't have to be chocolate, so please give me ramen('∀`)」
Urata「Fuu、I don't like sweet things, but I'll take it if you insist」
Sakata『Why do y'all get chocolate huh? (delinquent style)』
Shijin「ChocoRamen( 。∀ ゚)」

Sakata「(◞≼ ⌒ ≽◟◞౪◟◞≼ ⌒ ≽◟)」

The beautiful Original sm21870906


The people who sang
Shijin【mylist/22709836 /Twitter:@mentoku】
Uratanuki【mylist/35789880 /Twitter:uratasama】
Aho no Sakata【mylist/34669838 /Twitter:sakatandao】

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