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【6 men】Danced to Girls Talk【AoBuBunKiTaMa】


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Video Description:

We’re all adults so PLEASE FORGIVE US for the school uniform set-up!!
The chit chat with noone but boys was fun (●´ω`●) !

◇Original song – rerulili: sm26174993
◇Original choreography – ATY, Sorejo, it-k@: sm26475051
◇Shooting/editing/encoding – Bunkei

☆In the thumbnail from the left
Aozora Rikuto: 2nd year, class A / standard score 57 / student council secretary
mylist/26406886 @aozora_rikuto25
Bookie: 1st year, class C / standard score 60 / basketball club
mylist/28512044 @bookie_nico25
Bunkei: 1st year, class C / standard score 52 / photography club
mylist/26113414 @bunkei_nico25
Kisaragi Riku: 3rd year, class E / standard score 65 / idol research club
mylist/25496941 @kisa_riku
Tamahiyo。: 2nd year, class C / standard score 30 / art club
mylist/26128143 @TAMAHIYOo_2525
Marin: 2nd year, class A / standard score 49 /baseball club(doesn’t participate in club activities)
mylist/37621971 @marin_byby23

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