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【APHetaliaMMD】Wonderful Nippon with Teacher and Student Trio+α【JPN Birthday2016】

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Congratulations, my home country! And sorry. I will send you more fresh one later.

People who appeared as +α is ENG・RUS・FRN ・GER "Sorry, I will be late because of the work but I absolutely will be get to there"

This video is a completed work including comments from you guys lol Thank you guys for greatest straight comments! lol

Things that I've borrowed is in video

Previous works→mylist/50809282  Prussia catalia→mylist/54537573 

JCU様 Thank you for advertising!!! wonderful hetalia!!!
つみ様 Thank you for advertising!!! Wonderful!
W廿_廿)様...Hey is it my home country?! Thank you for advertising! Wonderful
ことり♪様 鮭様 ハル様 Thank you guys for advertising!!!!

The reflection and everyone's situation when I made character→ar968131

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