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『Mairieux』Sang it by Akatin


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Although it is a day for throwing heartless beans, I threw my heart away.
Now, I am Zombie Akatin.
※My singing is very serious here.

The great origin sm26238908 

 Mix Encode  Me.
「re:stArT」、it's super available for mail order!
Lagoa-sama http://www.lagoa.jp/shopdetail/000000001752/
Animate-sama animate-onlineshop.jp/pn/pd/1332687/
Crossfade sm26088804
Vocaloid Original 『Magical Telescope』sm28006811

I'll be at a live(at Nagoya)Fantastic☆connection
For more details and tickets↓here
Kinda Lame List mylist/5307510
Community co236508

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