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【I LoVU】Tokyo Retro Danced_it【Original Choreography】


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Video Description:

This is I LoVU!
This is our first trial to choreograph to a Vocaloid song! Don't miss it(・ω・)
We would also love to have your support in 2016, thank you♡

Original Song:Sukoppu(sm21113426
Choreography:Kozue Aikawa
Filming ・Editing:Saku。

Kozue Aikawa (愛川こずえ) @aikawa_kozue mylist/8105413
Natsume Otomiya (音宮なつめ) @na_chan0701 mylist/48007455
Moru Hoshino (星乃もる) @_morurun_ mylist/26908620
Miore Tsurezure (徒然みおれ) @turezure_miore mylist/54212205
Lilia Aya (彩りりあ) @lilia_lilymouse mylist/32481131

Official Twitter @I_LoVU_official
Official Site http://ilovu.ns-agent.com/

Today, we will hold a live performance at West Shinjuku! 当日券受け付けてるよ!
On 1 pm and 6:30 pm! Details: Please refer to the official site!

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