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【AMU+My Brother】Toubyo Gekihatsu Boy Danced it【I turned to fifteen♪】


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Video Description:

I turned to fifteen on January 8th!

We selected this song that matches well with me who will

finish junior high school and Takkun who

will become a junior high school student (((o≧▽≦)ノ彡 Sweet memories, Takkun (You will find the same choreography):sm20802117

We've entered this in Odori (Dance) Festival!!

Please check Quicklist or commenting, if you like!!

The other entry video for Odiri Fesitival⇒+♂:sm27841544 

Please Darling Takkun:sm27878419

Nice Reference Video(SLH):sm25253705

Nice Music Source (Reruriri):sm25223315

AMU's My List:mylist/25966197

My Brother My List:mylist/40536195

☆blog http://ameblo.jp/amu-tan2011/

☆twitter☆ AMU @mat2988 Takkun (たっくん)@otoutotakkun

☆Community☆ co2074230

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