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【Music Video】 Love Manual/Inametoru


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Video Description:

Lyric & Music:Inametoru (40mP) mylist/7975931
Movie:456 mylist/32823152

Piano:Zimuin G mylist/3971593
Bass:mao mylist/14134845
Guitar:[TEST] mylist/2779693
Drums:Shobon mylist/7711446

Instrumental Sound Source ⇒ bit.ly/1OBG2pD

This track is a part of Inametoru's (40mP) 1st Album,「1.7m」。
Album Official Website ⇒ http://www.inametoru.com/#!17m/c14cv

Vocal Hatsune Miku ver. ⇒ sm27959379

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恋愛マニュアル イナメトオル

恋愛マニュアル イナメトオル

恋愛マニュアル イナメトオル


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