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【Kashitaro Ito】Role Praying



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So, how is everyone getting along on this New Year's Eve?
I'm bringing you this from just the middle of my journey to continue singing from 2015 to 2016!

Since tomorrow is the 30th, and Shimokita Hondagekijouba is open to the public, this song is the theme song for the theatrical play unit "GIN GAN EN"'s stage production, "The Earth Art Neoline ~That Old Person Was Younger Than Anyone~"

The play is about the way of life of an actor, this time more specifically about the casting of an individualactor and how people want them to put forth effort and say things more passionately, so I took that with my own style and was allowed to put forth my own utmost effort and create this song!

music&lyrics Ito Kashitaro

arrangement modestock

illustration Mikkun

movie Makino Sena

T/N: Shimokita Hondagekijouba is a theatre in Tokyo. Info on GIN GAN EN's production can be found at their website http://ginganen.com

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