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NEET Sextuplets Danced The Opening Song 【Original Dance】【GochiMatsu】


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Video Description:

Nice to see you. Is the order Matsuno??

We sextuplets danced the opening of Osomaatsu San!
The dance is original dance.
The costumes were made by us with love!!
Of course, we put love in the later part of the extra videos!!!

おそ松(Osomatsu)‥pokkey (@Pokkey48)
カラ松(Karamatsu)‥まじめ or Majime(@majime003)
チョロ松(Choromatsu)‥江戸ペンギン or Edo Penguine(@edopenguin)
一松(Ichimatsu)‥ぱーる or Pearl (@Pearl_048)
十四松(Jushimatsu)‥ひかる or Hikaru (@hikaru026)
トド松‥(Todomatsu)刹菜 or Setsuna (@setuna_cos)

Choreography,filming and video editing...まじめ

#Warning: This film contains cosplaying and dancing. If you don't like these things, please run away!! For everyone's happiness, please don't put comments that might offend others. And, please don't reprint this video.

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