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A New Phantom Touhou CD in the Style of the PC-98 Games【C89】


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Video Description:

The Phantom Touhou old-school STG title is already here...?
From the title song to the Ex stage boss, it's all in this self-made joint CD!
※This is a Touhou-derivative music CD based off of a nonexistant game!

【Fake new title】 Touhou Kikaisen  ~ Adventures in Inferno.
【Sponsor Circle】Studionenem http://studionenem.blog31.fc2.com/
【Animation】Tomoyuki Koyama & Mace
【Shop Consignment】http://bit.ly/1Vj4JbB
【Members】Makkii, Kiryu, The Adventures of Miiko the Little Forest Squirrel, Usajou, 斬舞滅貴, donjuan
Abura-age, Sakuragi Momoa, HAMRIKU, XRCreate, Chair, Kentayu, Mace, Ryuou, Adaputori
Umeboshi Chazuke, Francium, Tomoyuki Furuyama, Wanwan, Speculum Alloy, Shirona, Meitsu
※Publicity thank you video→sm27885793

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