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Heart à la Mode (Cover) - 96neko and vipTenchou (96猫&vip店長)


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Video Description:

VIP "Hey... it's Christmas, right?"
96 "Yeah..."
VIP "...just one song, okay?"
96 "...Okay."

Original song (sm24606671) written by DECO*27, vocals by 96neko (mylist/15614906) and vipTenchou (mylist/1000485).
vipTenchou recorded this before he retired. Please read ⇛ ar838376

Mixing: 666 (mylist/38133363)
Video Editor: Okiku (mylist/25801793)
Illustrations: Credited in the video.
Comment Script: KomeKomePLUS (米米PLUS)

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★Please refrain from mentioning 96neko or vipTenchou on other people's videos.

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