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【FuyuComi XFD】Phantasm Hero/Pusu


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Video Description:

Nice to meet you! I am Pusu, a jack-of-all-trades guy!

This is the crystallization of all of my power and of the cooperation of very important friends.

All of the tracks are Pusu originals.

This will distributed on December 31, 2015 (Th), Comic Market C89 (FuyuComi),
at East Section "ク" Block 12b,『Zipper World』.

Assembly Hall Price:1500 Yen
Mail Order・Shop Price:2000 Yen+Tax

Available Shops:All Animate Shops in Japan (On sale on 12/31)

Mail order here↓
Animate Online

Producer: Pusu
Mastering Engineer: kain
Illustrator: Najo
Designer: AzyuN
Vocalist: Sou Ikasan luz nqrse Mafumafu Uratanuki Touyu Tora* kain Pusu Aho no Sakata

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