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【Kaizo Mario Maker】Getting Annihilated on a Clear Rate 0.09% Stage in Mario Maker UC


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Video Description:

Out of all the 16226 Marios who've played this hellish stage... only 16 made it out alive.(As of September 11th)
To avenge all of the players who lost their will and soul, I will try and be the 17th survivor in this trial of determination and will.

Made by: OGTY Course Name: What A Nice Day!
↑You can also taste the despair too!
※ Note that the author of the course said it was a "Test Course"...
Being true to his word, he made another stage... this time, with a Clear Rate of 0.0053: sm27167209

Edit 9/14: People Who Challenged; 380,000 / People Who Succeded; 285 / Clear Rate; 0.07%
Amazing... lol
Thanks for all the views and ads! Also thank you OGTY for the hard-as-hell course!
Next → sm27145288
RTA → sm27153760

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