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Me and My Friends Suddenly Played Splatoon's Theme Song During Rehearsal


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Video Description:

While we we're rehearsing for more performances, we decided to learn and play the
bombastically popular game, "Splatoon"!
We're all squids, really!

If you play Splatoon, you will see my nametag as "じむいんG" with a roller! I like those, lol.

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Community → co6352
Twitter → https://twitter.com/ZimuinG

Guitar by [TEST].
Drumming by Shobon.
Bass by Nimura Manab
Accordion by Nakamae "timo" Tomohiko.
Keyboarding by ZimuinG.
Mixing by akasaka.

PS/Edit: I'm glad that a lot of people listened to this! Really, thank you.

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