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【7th Touhou Nico Douga Festival】Notice About the New Touhou CD【Book of Star Mythology】


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This Touhou style music joint is not congruent!!! (*´ω`*)

This is a derivative work of the Touhou Project. If you're not officially affiliated with the original characters, be careful. (´・ω・`)

※This project is not related to "Heavenly Gathering of Clouds" in any way.
Even though the content planning and title sequences are similar, it is not a sequel.
As the notice PV announces, this album will be distributed at the Autumn Reitaisai.
The project has been discontinued by the participants and will be distributed as a fangame at the Autumn Reitaisai.

Participating members will be introduced at the end of the video. (*´ω`*)

The website link is here → http://osayou.net/tokusetu/mahojo/

←Previous: Fantasy recurrence (sm25322784) Info about the game→sm27687396

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