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Danced to Friday's Good Morning【Ry☆】


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Video Description:

Good morning!!!!!!

This is Ry☆(Ryo)!This time, I cheerfully danced to Friday's Good Morning in this solo dance video!
When I was a high school student, I was the type of boy who was able to get along with the baker's auntie who came to high school at lunchbreaks.

I was a little unwell because it was hot and I had not taken a meal, but I hope you smile like me in the video!

★Music Source: Gero【sm23911169
★Original Choreography: Melochin (めろちん)【sm23912175
★Filming・Editing: AiZe 【co2581937

Ry☆ 【co1189439】【mylist/30544748】 【http://twitter.com/ryo_chiiiin】

Previous solo dance video↓
【Ry☆】Danced to Summer Love Fireworks 【Thank you, Mr. Summer】 sm24348203

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