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Boyfriend/Abe Mao @Shoose【I Tried To Sing】


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Video Description:

I want your special person
  to be me.
      ―I'm sorry for my selfish intentions.

Abe Mao's 【Boyfriend】 fits me really well.
Each time I hear it, my chest tightens and by breast starts to hurt.
And even though I had a straight face on, I was desperately trying to hold back my tears. It was painful.

Please excuse me for singing it on a man's part. I put in my utmost effort.

But if I wanted to try to call you, can I? (...You probably won't even receive it)

Original: 阿部真央 様 http://urx.nu/iJgk
MIX, Mastering:Jinya mylist/17953592
Illust:すばる    @sbr116
Movie:みやこ    mylist/46325590
Vocal, Font*:しゅーず mylist/15376686

Special thanks to:わたあめ TAK
Do watch it in big screen mode.

*Font refers to the lyrics on the screen. Meaning, Shoose wrote the lyrics on screen (but did not compose it).

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