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【RAB】Death・Parade OP Dance It【Real Akiba Boys】


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Unceasing laughters at our workplacePrevious work→sm25619139RAB PresentsAnison Dance Battle National Convention『Akiba×Street』Finally the final!3/21WEB⇒ http://goo.gl/lCNsBAAkiba×Streeet Official PV→ sm25717165☆RAB info☆RAB Official HP http://goo.gl/GmCyAYmylist mylist/45409651Twitter @RAB_CREWFacebook http://goo.gl/xioDPcRAB Community co2634211【Members】Suzumiya Atsuki @atsuki_suzumiyaKeitan  @rabkeitanMaron   @rabkuriMuratomi  @lala969688Dragon  @drag_on_dragon5/30 RAB Showcase @ Shinjuku Birth confirmed!

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