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【Kamen Liar 217】Hide and Seek【Danced_it】


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Video Description:

Recently, I am thinking that toufu's intonation is similar to houfu (ambition)'s one.

Happy 217's Day! (It's not my birthday)
This is my solo video for the first time in about two years.

Original Song◎19-iku- ( sm24841816 )
Music Source◎Nayugorou (なゆごろう)( sm25542936 )
Original Choreography◎Pinopimaru (ぴのぴ丸)( sm25542878 )

Filming・Editing◎Moririn (もりりん)( mylist/25777585 )( @moririn_25 )

Dancer◎Kamen Liar Niina (仮面ライアー217)( mylist/25013166 )( co1173813 )( @disnyna )

I hope many people will dance this choreography, because it's so tender and wonderful.

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