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[Micchara&Shibaken] Danced to Love Trial [Original Choreography]


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Video Description:

This is Shibaken!
It's been 6 months or longer after I completed the choreographyヽ(・∀・)ノ
I was not able to find dancers who wanted to dance with me, but I finally danced it by myself because of Micchara assented to dance to the choreography (sm24500134) which gentle Orochi and Haruchi had danced.

What...! The Micchara's costume that looks like for the original PV was her own workヽ〔゚Д゚〕丿Awesome! I got my costume at Don Quixote …

Please watch it to the end, because there are something like bloopers that used the choreography(ノ∀`)

【Original Song】sm23750267
Choreographer Shibaken

Dancers Micchara (みっちゃら)(mylist/29988492)(co1494056)@cuponzu
Shibaken (芝健)(mylist/43457443)(co2561967)@shiba_www_

The man who gave me money Shiina (椎名) (mylist/38497995)@shiiiina_2525

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