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【By 4 Dancers】Danced to Hibikase【Katou Four Devas】


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Video Description:

Thank you for watching!
This time, we, 4 members choreographed to Giga-P's Hibikase!

After filming,
Mash "...Mmm.. Kato was beaten.."
Gets "Hmm, No problem. She is the weakest among us, Kato Four Devas."
Kato "No, I seriously have a backache...(cry)"
Shoma "Oquros Leparo!!"
K,M,G "........"

Mashroom (マッシュルーム) mylist/20349865 @hue18jass
Gets (ゲッツ) mylist/19905602 @MASA2Get2
Kato (加藤) mylist/25590927 @katoww
Shoma (しょま) mylist/27910468 @Slim_Syoma

Awesome Original Song sm24536934 by Giga-P (ギガP)
Editing Cooperator Tubasa (つばさ) mylist/28041299

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