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【TAS】ファイナルファンタジー6 [part 5 final]


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Video Description:

Final time is 3:11:39
With 691104 frames and 40859 rerecords.

- The first fight on the Island is to get the Gem Box using a sketch glitch.
- The second fight is to cast Engulf on the party to be send inside the Zone Eater. The trick here is to attack with the Goggles equipped in one arm and open the Magic menu at the same time. The Magic menu will be replaced with the Item menu, but when you use an item, it will cast the corresponding spell. Here we use the Black Belt item which will cast the spell Engulf. The Engulf spell auto-target the enemies so we used Muddle.
- The last fight was to get equippable Goggles and Moogle Charm. This can be done by a specific setup using 4 Tincture and a Imp spell.
- During the Kefka Tower, each team has a Moogle Charm equipped and a Goggles. Boss are killed using the Goggles glitch again, but with the X-Potion item which casts the Bababreath spell to automatically eject the target out of the battle.

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