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【Youkai Exercise Number One一】I sang and danced。I tried to elliminate worries by waterfall training.


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Video Description:

Everybody、nice to meet you. I'm just a normal dog. Good evening.
This time, I tried dancing this although it looks childish and clumsy. Please take care of me.

To amend my usual unmature self、I came to the waterfall to train.
As a result, my testicles contracted because it was too cold.

*Saitama prefecture Iruma-gun Moroyama public's office Industrial Promotion Division The person in charge
Received permission to film。Thank you very much.

●Source of borrowed music→nc96218

●Dance: わんく (wan:c) (mylist/46195262)@WANKosu
●Vocal/mix/video:un:c (mylist/11630197)@ANKUosu

●Filming helpers Everybody from the editorial department of 2.5Song MATE  @25SongMATE

Last tried to dance video「Yay!Yay!Yay!」→sm19102999

Thank you for watching.

Translator's Note: "wan:c" is a provisional translation of "わんく"

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